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Interview with Police Officer and MSCJ Graduate Benjamin Finn

We built the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) program to offer current and aspiring law enforcement and victim advocacy professionals a network of experts to learn from and numerous options for tailoring the program to their career-specific goals.

We’re proud to hear our students to discover the program is doing exactly what we intended.

Benjamin Finn is a 10-year police officer and father who is currently working in Central Wisconsin and is slated to complete his online MSJC from UW-Platteville in 2019.

Read our full interview below for a look into how his experience in the MSCJ program is helping him to reach his professional goals.

Why did you select the UW-Platteville Master of Science in Criminal Justice program among others that you may have been considering?

A: I trust the UW system and wanted to be a part of it. Our daughter is attending UW-Madison for her undergraduate degree.

What would you like others to know about this program?

A: The standards are high, the professors are demanding yet helpful and knowledgeable.

What was the online learning experience like for you?

MSCJ Graduate Benjamin FinnA: As a working professional who is also a dad taking online classes, it takes time to figure out how to construct your schedule to accommodate school along with all the other responsibilities with work and being a parent. UW-Platteville works with you in providing assistance through tutorials, professors who understand the struggle, and fellow students who largely have similar experiences.

As a busy working professional and father taking online classes, I appreciate UW-Platteville’s commitment to work with me to provide assistance through tutorials, supportive professors, and fellow students who have similar experiences.

How were your experiences with faculty, staff and fellow students?

A: It seemed like most of the students in my online classes were just like me: holding down a full time job, and parenting, all while taking classes to improve themselves and their situation. It was great to have staff and students who came from the same place as me in that respect, and working on projects and assignments were always met with people who were eager to assist. My advisor was always spot-on when it was time to assess my enrollment plan, and I always knew where I was and what I had left to do.

My peers were just like me—working a full-time job and parenting while taking classes to improve themselves and their situation. People were always eager to assist with projects and assignments, and my advisor remained a partner to me throughout the program.

How has the program benefited you already and how do you foresee it benefitting you in the future?

A: The Masters program was different than my undergraduate experience in that it focused on refining many of the skills that I had already learned. I have learned to hold myself to an even higher standard and to be more detail-oriented.

Thanks to the MSCJ program at UW-Platteville, I have learned to be more detail-oriented and to hold myself to an even higher standard than I did before.

What knowledge and skills did you acquire that you find especially valuable?

A: My writing skills were honed in many of the UWP classes. They take that seriously, and it was definitely more challenging than my undergraduate writing assignments. Within the criminal justice program there was an emphasis on evaluating and applying theory, which translates to everyday life when we are determining cause and effect. I think it also helped me develop a more open mind as a result.

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