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Criminal Justice Theory Concentration

The Criminal Justice Theory concentration equips students with the ability to critically analyze and apply theory within the criminal justice system. Students who choose this concentration will learn how to critically evaluate criminological theories, gain an understanding of the relationship between law and social systems, and learn how to evaluate programs within the criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice Careers with a Focus on Theory

This concentration is designed for students who wish to position themselves for criminal justice education faculty positions or pursue careers in government and non-profit research. Researchers and analysts with backgrounds in criminal justice theory provide data and insights into issues ranging from the effects of policy to the causes of crime and the most effective approaches to rehabilitation.

Master’s graduates who use their background in criminal justice theory to pursue doctoral criminal justice education can further specialize their expertise and may produce academic research in areas such as the sociological influences on crime and the criminal justice system.

For more information, read our criminal justice careers page.

Classes to take for Criminal Justice Theory

We recommend selecting from the following electives for students who wish to pursue a concentration in Criminal Justice Theory. View the curriculum page for a complete list of courses and descriptions.

  • CRIMLJUS 6030: Criminal Law
  • CRIMLJUS 6330: Criminal Procedure & Evidence
  • CRIMLJUS 7230: Criminological Theory
  • CRIMLJUS 7330: Law as Social Control
  • CRIMLJUS 7730: Evaluation and Program Analysis in the Criminal Justice System
  • CRIMLJUS 7430: Victimology
  • PSYCHLGY 7230: Crisis intervention theory
  • PSYCHLGY 7330: Theories of Personality in the Criminal Justice System Control

If you have more questions about the criminal justice theory concentration or want to discuss which criminal justice career might be best for you, contact us for more information.

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